Antabuse will help get rid of alcohol addiction!

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From alcohol addiction affects many men and women of different age categories. But today, all these people are not doomed to a terrible outcome! They need real help, which they will antabuse! A new generation of drug available to everyone and is appointed medical experts, doctors, drug treatment to treat their patients. A reasonable step is the purchase Antabuse! Please contact our pharmacy and choose the medication that helps you get rid of alcohol addiction!

Why should I use the drug?

The main active component has disulfiram. The drug is sold in tablets which dissolve in the liquid. The action of the drug is aimed at blockade of the substances involved in the metabolism of ethanol. As a result, a patient who buy Antabuse online, there are unpleasant sensations:

– Tachycardia

– A sharp decline in blood pressure

– vomiting

– Nausea

– Flushing

After first taking the pill a person can experience very unpleasant ailment, his physical condition has deteriorated sharply. Therefore, the patient refuses to drink alcohol, as disgusted at the level of reflexes to the smell and taste of alcohol.

If you want to test the effectiveness of the drug, it means that you need purchase Antabus online. But to avoid the problem symptoms, you need to be seen by a doctor during the course of therapeutic treatment.


Before you make the order Antabus, you need to carefully read the instructions. It is said that the main active component is absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract by 90%. The metabolism of the drug is rapid, elimination process occurs through the lungs.

Cheap Antabus medicine is prescribed as preventive measures, and for the treatment of chronic alcoholism.

What are the contraindications?

Before you acquire Antabus online, you need to read the instructions carefully. Despite the fact that the drug is given to almost all patients should take into account its contraindications:

– Emphysema

– Bronchial asthma

– Severe disease of the cardiovascular system

– Diseases of hearing

– Disease of the optic nerve

– TB

– Epilepsy

– Diabetes

– Diseases of the circulatory system

– Liver failure

– Psychical deviations

– The presence of a malignant tumor

– Pregnancy

– Lactation

– Peptic ulcer

– Renal failure

– Individual sensitivity to the individual components of the drug

The drug Antabuse online wary appoint elderly. At this age, there is a risk of cardiovascular disease, peptic ulcer disease. Many doctors do not recommend to elderly patients do order Antabuse online, in order to avoid negative consequences and side effects. Before you make the order, you should get medical advice and our pharmacist. You must notify the possible negative consequences and side effects for your body, for example, allergies or edema. To during treatment there were no surprises, tell your doctor what you are suffering from infectious diseases, taking any medications other, if you have psychological or emotional problems, vision problems.

How to take the medicine?

The tablet is rapidly dissolved in water. Dosage assigned physician based on the severity of the patient’s condition. The average dose is of 250 mg twice a day. The doctor assigns the individual scheme of taking the medicine for each patient. Before you buy Antabuse, ask your doctor how many times a day to take the pills.

Therapeutic treatment is seven days. After that the sample: adjusted dose of alcohol to test the reaction of the body in the hospital. If the treatment has a success, the patient may continue to take the medicine for three years.

Overdose of medicine

If you feel unwell, seek medical advice. You are under the constant supervision of a doctor as long as your physical condition will not get better.

When consumed in an increased dosage of the drug, it may cause cardiovascular problems and coma. Treat overdose should be in a hospital.

Side effects of the drug

In our online pharmacy you can always buy Antabuse without prescription. We always warn customers about the side effects that may occur from the use of this medicine:

– Memory loss

– Asthenia

– Paraplegic

– Allergic reactions

– Headache

– Neuritis of the optic nerve

– Metallic taste in the mouth

– Bad Breath

In some cases, it may be observed:

– Respiratory failure

– Swelling of the brain

– Irregular heartbeat

– A neurological disorder

– Myocardial infarction

– Angina

– Psychosis

– Thrombosis

– Hepatitis

– Gastritis

– Seizures

Special instructions

Generic Antabuse is stored in dry climatic conditions; the storage temperature should not be higher than 30 degrees.

Note: Your doctor should warn about alcohol intolerance during treatment. Monitor your condition under the strict supervision of a doctor.

At our pharmacy you can always buy a cheap Antabuse at an affordable price.

The medicine is not taken by patients with kidney disease and liver.

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